Offering us a glance at the pink-clouded sky of a dreamy love affair, South-London soul duo fika, joined by songwriter, vocalist and artist Bambie, just released their new track.

Co-produced by Berlin-based producer Fabich, “Love Like Mine” muses on the idea of a toxic crush; the feeling of really liking someone despite knowing they’re no good and undeserving of the love. Laced with the self-affirming hook from which it takes its name, the track centers around a section of spoken word from Bambie, offering a modern spin on Corinthians infamous “Love is patient / Love is kind” extract. “It’s a beautiful poem that almost feels iconic. Simply couldn’t believe what we were hearing when Bambie wrote and performed that section to us”, fika add.

With a sample of Isaac Hayes’ “The Later It Gets”  at its core, the added key changes, beat kicks and a lazy bassline of “Love Like Mine” come together to form an old-school Hip Hop sound. 

The single is taken from their upcoming Coffee & Clouds EP, so stay tuned.

posted by Nora
September 2021