Creating a track that is minimal but captivating is a tough task, in which many can’t succeed. LA-based producer Lance Dobbie though, who knows his way around channelling ethereal dreamscapes into sound, managed to do exactly that.

His latest organic house track is like a person who doesn’t speak much, but when he does, it’s the right words at the right time. Real producer craftsmanship often is determined by one's ability to know when to incorporate sounds and when to take advantage of the lack of such.

“Problem Solved” is a special music journey, which represents Dobbie’s skill to welcome us in his world, where the colours and the shapes are not what we’re used to, and everything exists in a coherent synchronized fluidity. The producer shares: “When making this song I had one question in mind (does it sound wet)”. Well, I think the answer is affirmative: the bubbling is undeniable, as well as the mysterious and enchanting vibe of this track!

posted by Nora
August 2021