2 of the most iconic producers on the internet on the same track? Well, let me put on my disco shoes.

Flamingosis has been on our radar since the website's inception and his aura just gives off such a dope vibe. A master of groove and future funk sounds and absolutely versatile producer, Aaron is certainly one of this generation of producers's most exciting names.

Today, he's joined by the one and only Marc Rebillet. To call him a one-man band would be a severe understatement. Genius? Probably. Someone who doesn't care and is living life? Certainly. Also, his live improvisation with Flying Lotus and Reggie Watts has been my go-to Internet space when I am stressed. I actually remember him from that viral video many years ago where he lined up for the first iPhone. The guy has come a long way since and if you need a daily need of feeling liberated - his content is where you'll find home. And yes, insanely talented musician, of course.

When it comes to the energy of "Feel Yourself", look no further than the artwork. The track is spacious enough to just let it sit and play while you chill at your house, but just as easily a dancefloor banger.

Cosmic synths, inviting vocals, and a groove to die for.

posted by Ivo
February 2024