When I first heard this, it threw me back to 2016-2017, what I call the golden chillhop era when this genre started emerging - and Flitz&Suppe was among the OGs that made it possible to reach billions of listeners.

"Gespenst" is this meticulous & soothing blend of jazzy keys, brass, subtle vocal samples and gentle hip hop drums I call perfection. Translated to English, it means "ghost", or "to imagine things" - you can feel the old-time vibe & melancholy in the piece but in a more peaceful way.

This is the 2nd single off Flitz&Suppe's upcoming Currently Done EP, due Feb 23rd - and the next single "9.30AM" with Tesk is coming on Feb 9th. In the meantime, find "Gespenst" on all platforms here.

posted by Nasko
January 2023