One of my favourite beats last year was Flitz&Suppe's spacious track "Mutiny" featuring Kupla from his release titled Ijin. Not because Berlin-based label Beat Jazz International gave us the honour to premiere it, but simply because the German beat-maker is easily one of the most talented producers when it comes to laid back, bass-heavy chillhop music.

I have a few days off and before heading to the south shores of Tenerife for a day of surfing some good mates, wanted to share something that makes me calm and chilled. "The Daybreak" is taken off that very same album Ijin. The artwork blend came quite naturally and of course I was looking for some water-related pictures, just because it matches my mood right now. Most importantly, it's the kind of song to listen to while watching the sea, taking a deep breath and telling yourself everything will be alright.

Hope you enjoy today's zen escape. Have a lovely day, Internet people.

posted by Ivo
February 2019