A masterpiece living at the cross-section of lofi hip hop and ambient music, courtesy of 2 of the greats - FloFilz and HNNY.

I think because of the vocal sample used in "Early Birds", there's this feeling of warm familiarity engraved in the track. I'm having the haziest afternoon in a long time, just taking it easy, browsing for music and observing the world outside. It's hot and chill and listening to this lush instrumental elevates the whole experience. Life is awesome, music is love, "Early Birds" is affection.

FloFilz was kind enough to share a bit of backstory behind "Early Birds". He elaborates, "HNNY and I first connected back in 2022, I had been a fan of his work for quite a while and decided to reach out and ask if he’d be down to collaborate. Turns out that he‘d been listening to my music as well and we ended up releasing a track together. We stayed in contact and I’m more than happy to release another track with him now as part of my upcoming new project handful".

Out via casual low grind. Stay tuned for more from handful soon.

A great fit to our chill beats playlist selection.

posted by Ivo
last month