It's been a while since we've featured the peculiar Canadian indie-electronic duo Flõstate but they come back to the fox feed with something quite spacious.

Vocalist Avery Florence & producer MKSTN joined their creative energy for this magnificent blend of dream-pop & indietronica, with touches of synthwave & cinematic music.

"One More Day In Love" feels as ethereal as its title and is about gaining clarity in solitude. The duo shares:

Alone, with only your memories and regrets, vivid in the night. It can be painful when we finally gain clarity on something from within our memory. It’s so clear, the memory of the feeling, and now too, the understanding of what it meant. It lies plainly in front of us, what it could have meant for our present if we had known. It’s so visceral it opens a door flooding in with fantasies; regrets that paralyze you, eyes wide open in the dark.

This is the new single from their upcoming debut album Moment Of Feeling (out via our friends at Lekker Collective) which thematically swings between the topics of surrealism, connection to self & the others, being in a flow state & romance.

posted by Nasko
April 2022