True artistry is the ability to make someone feel and transport them beyond the constraints of the physical space around them. And by this definition, there's someone that stands above - our label mate fnonose.

Martin's work is an instant gateway into a world deprived of stress and worry. A nostalgic, calming and inviting sonic space where we can all relax fully for 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

I am humbled to welcome his new creation "Be Still" on our label (stream on all platforms here).

He shares,

"I started this idea in the late night hours after a pretty chaotic day. I sat down with an open project, closed my eyes and just felt the moment and peace around me at that time. Visualizing the day that was over and everything that made me feel stressed. This moment was so peaceful, and I could feel myself get in contact with myself again. Silencing the thoughts and stress in my mind. Like a meditation moment or how you can feel in prayer.

Put everything away, and let my mind and thoughts be still. Hopefully, this song can give the listener that in some way, a moment of silence within, time to be still and feel calm in the world around them.

posted by Ivo
May 2023