The lyrics.

In the 10 years history of Stereofox, I never thought I would start a feature with that word, but here we are because of Folamour's new single "Freedom". The song has some of the dopest lyrics I've come across. Easily the most relatable thing I've heard.

The French producer / DJ and label founder first came on my radar back in 2017 with "Alerte À Babylone" and I've been keeping tabs ever since.

Honestly, don't even read this the first time. Just hit the play button, enjoy the groovy instrumental and the tight drum beat, and most importantly - listen to the lyrics.

"this one is a statement about everything I'm fighting for with my music, everything I have to go against to always push further my creativity, and all the dogmas artists have to deal with throughout their career. it's a deeply personal song and I hope it will inspire ppl to be who they want to be, do what they wanna do without ever worrying about other ppl judgments or the system's diktats."

The track is out via his own imprint For Heaven Use Only (FHUO). Besides being an intimate confession, "Freedom" is a beautiful homage to all genres that inspired Folamour. I'm at a loss for words.

I got to go burning, I got to go cold
I got to go fast, I got to go slow
I got to go blues, I got to go funk
I got to go housy, I got to go punk
I got to do better, I got to go work
I got to get money, i got to go twerk
I got to go smile, I got to go sad
I got to hide tears, I got to get down
I got to play shows, I got to stay close,
I got to take time to cure my own soul
I got to drive slow, I got to move fast,
I got to stop flying, but I got to come back
I got to be able, I got to be ready,
I got to say yes but I got to be happy,
I got to work hard, but I got to feel good,
I got to sleep early, I got to be cool
I got to go cheap, I got to make art
I got to go humble, I got to be calm
I got to go crazy, I got to go mad
I got to go sober, I got to relax
I got to love him, I got to love her,
I got to aim high, I got to go numb
I got to hate this, I got to hate that,
I got to go lazy but I got to be sharp

posted by Ivo
February 2023