"Everyday (Far From)" by the 23-year-old Grammy-nominated producer Luc Bradford, simply known as ford. is another astonishing piece of beauty that shines brightly within his recently released third full-length album Guiding Hand, via ODESZA's Foreign Family Collective.

This track, the final piece in the album's intricate mosaic, again showcases ford.'s exceptional production skills and his ability to craft music that tugs at the heartstrings while leaving a lasting impact. As ford. delicately weaves intricate sonic textures in "Everyday (Far From)" we are enveloped in a sonic landscape that's both mesmerizing and evocative. The chopped vocals dance effortlessly alongside the side-chained ambient pads, creating a hypnotic tapestry of sound. The track carries a sense of warmth, a feeling of being gently cradled by carefully crafted beats and reverb-washed melodies.

The album is a heartfelt tribute to the individuals who propel us forward in life, and it's clear that his older brother Parker holds a special place in his heart. Parker's unwavering spirit continues to be a guiding force in ford.'s journey, inspiring him to create music that resonates on a deep emotional level. The hands portrayed on the album cover, plaster casts of his mom and Parker's hands, symbolize the enduring connection that propels us forward.

“I feel so lucky to have had an older brother that exposed me to so much great music as a kid. Whether it was hearing him on his Yamaha DTxpress drum set a couple of rooms over or walking around during Fête de la musique and watching him play his djembe, he had such a real, innate love for music and always found ways to share it with others. I spent a lot of time thinking back on those years throughout the process of writing this record.”, shares ford.

Sonically, Guiding Hand is an innovative electronic record with a strong emotional resonance. Pulling from musical inspirations such as Caribou, Jai Paul, J Dilla, Toro y Moi, and Jamie XX, ford. weaves electronic, hip hop, indie, jazz, and lo-fi production utilizing intricate live drums, textured strings, modular synths, crate-dug samples, and shoe-gaze vocals from the acclaimed A Beacon School on the track "In Motion". Stylistically, the music clearly cuts through as ford.’s most detailed work to date while still maintaining his familiar sound of big warm chords and emotive undertones.

“I really just wanted to be more intentional with the music this time around. A lot of it was me trying to get back to the idea of conveying emotion through just the music alone (hence the one feature) and being a little more purposeful and aware of where I was pulling inspiration from. It’s a cliché but I do think there is a lot of value in letting the music speak for itself and letting people connect to it in whatever way makes the most sense to them.” also shares ford.

As the album unfolds, you'll find yourself nodding along, getting lost in the soothing rhythms and those emotive undertones. It captures those moments that shape us, that make us who we are. It's like a soundtrack to the heart, and you can't help but feel it. So, hit play, close your eyes, and let ford.'s sonic magic guide you on this wonderful musical journey.

Guiding Hand is also available on vinyl and you can purchase a copy of it here.

posted by Boris
August 2023