Subtle tribal percussions and electronic sounds injected with a sense of utter positiveness. Start your Sunday with "Fruit&Sun" crafted by US producer ford. I did cross the fruit section this morning with an awesome power-up breakfast, but the sun part seems like a mirage given the below zero temperatures we've been having for weeks now.

The track is taken from his 2020 full-length album The Color of Nothing - a collection of 11 wonderful tracks exploring various sonic directions in the electronic/dance realm. I picked "Fruit&Sun" as it really makes me feel hopeful and joyous regardless of my mood. I hope it has similar effect on you, Internet friend.

The record was released by Foreign Family Collective is an outlet for musicians and visual artists alike curated by the duo behind ODESZA.

The artist shares on Facebook,

This collection of songs is an honest reflection and culmination of experiences from the last two most difficult but rewarding years of my life. It’s been a chapter wherein I found myself having to grow up quickly. I moved across the world, entered and then dropped out of school, experienced loss, struggled personally, started touring, met new friends, and decided to pursue music full time. Collectively, the album reflects this complex yet beautiful time in my life. I like to think these songs were created from the color of nothing — a blank canvas where anything is possible — and therefore hope this album is an honest and genuine reflection of myself.

posted by Ivo
March 2021