I discovered this one thanks to the Ghetto Funk Podcast on soundcloud hosted by DJ Roast Beatz, which featured Bristol-based ghetto funk producer WBBL.  I found out about WBBL coincidentally when I went to Awesome Music Night Vol. 1 after asking the DJ (who spun before Tanga Elektra's set) what songs he was playing.

At first, I thought it was glitch-hop, categorized for it's heavy synths and uptempo hiphop beats. The DJ then showed me the vinyl of WBBL with "Ghetto Funk" in fat letters on it. It was after that night that I began to actively discover more of this sub-genre. The path of musical discovery is certainly interesting, isn't it?

Basically, I love all aspects of this song.  From the instrumentals to the vocal cadence to the overall message of reaching for something, despite all perceived negative outcomes. I could see this being a hype track for the pre and post new year's celebrations.

posted by Mike
December 2016