So many cool people and friends in one place! Berlin-based fraen continues her path to stardom with a brand new track featuring Johnny Kulo who I've had the pleasure of listening live last year on one of the Family Dinner events. Blew my mind.

Today's start of the day, "i already knew", is a follow-up to fraen's previous single "everything but", which I covered last month. Both tracks will be part of her upcoming EP how’s your summer been?, and I think it goes without saying - that's a release I'm excited about.

Working on this track made fraen go into a more classical R&B direction, which resulted in a smooth yet powerful message. With silky phat basslines and tight drumming, "i already knew" draws the best from 2000s r&b and the contemporary alt sound.

Also, mad props to Jakob Hegner who co-produced the track. What a vibe, damn!

posted by Ivo
last month