Frey Roy has the kind of voice you want to hear on a Sunday morning… Her vocals are beautiful enough to elevate mind into a state of tranquility after a long week. When I listen to this I hear a delicate blend between the styles of Andreya Triana and  Jorja Smith, delivered in a manner that sounds mature yet coming from a voice which sounds so innocent and juvenile.

Neo-soul isn’t the only influential genre you’ll get a feel of here. With a closer listen a taste of Jazz and Hip Hop could be picked up. As I mentioned earlier, I find her vocals extremely delightful although my issue with this track points towards the lyrics. Her choices of melodies are great although I found her storytelling to be quite generic as they didn’t give my attention something to grab hold of. Apart from that, that chillout/soul vibe that this track exudes is bound to be one of the main features which drag audiences closer to the speaker.

posted by Lu
April 2019