It's always a good time for some soothing female vocals and "Nescience" by Galdive (Osvaldo and Tanisha) is just another proof of that.

Also, on a totally different topic, but worth mentioning, that's the first release through the new joint venture between Avoca Drive and Sony Music Entertainment.

It's amazing how in less than 4 minutes a single song can make your mind wander in so many directions. So, here you have their specific music style with a pinch of classical music in the beginning, passing into jazzy/r&b and in the same time, the beat kind of moving. Some might find it a bit messy, but it totally makes sense. Then, there is that whole story behind the lyrics:

“It’s a story of complicated relationships – the line “Help me to help you out” describes people caught up in the sadness of their own world yearning to be understood, but not knowing how to communicate it. They’re not able to see that withdrawing and not talking about what’s getting them down sometimes then impacts the people in their lives.”

And if that is not enough to paint a final picture in your head, don't worry - the cover art, drawn by Tisha, might as well help.

posted by Mira
July 2020