Hey there! Most people know me as Mira and sometimes even some of my closest friends forget that my full name is Miroslava. I live in Sofia, Bulgaria and I’ve been writing articles for various events at a local online music media since 2011. I’m into swing dancing since 2013, but I don’t really listen to that kind of music often when at home. Аctually, I’ve never limited myself by genres but lately I enjoy jazz, soul, r&b, funk and hip hop more than others. In my free time you would probably find me cooking, while having “Friends” on the background and trying to keep my crazy cat away from the food. I don’t drink coffee, I prefer tea… or wine, sometimes gin&tonic. I also like having some music while taking a shower, it’s an absolute pleasure – the acoustic is great in the bathroom and the sound kind of makes sense in combination with the running water. I’ve always been fascinated by the way words can affect people and one of my personal leitmotifs is “Be careful and take care of the words the way you want them to treat you”. I’m really glad that no matter what job I’ve had, who I’ve been with, what has been happening, I’ve always had this perfect duo – writing and music – by my side.