I will honestly admit something that probably quite few of us are doing when discovering new music - you know, when you just fast forward few times at different moments of the song. For me, this is a very easy and sufficient way to understand whether I should give it more attention and listen the whole piece, maybe even few more times. So, when I happened to find out "This Life" by Helena Holleran, I somehow went straight to the moment where she raps for a bit. In the song introduction on her Instagram post, she has written:

p.s. I’m not a rapper, but I’m also a rapper

Girl, it suits you! The sound of this track is kind of eclectic and yet - it all makes perfect sense. From the gentle and irresistible voice of hers in the beginning, trough the delightful r&b melody, twisting it all with a bit of rapping, creating a soulful feeling. It is somewhat engaging, grabs the attention and I this is what counts.

Helena Holleran is a singer-songwriter/musician and performing artist from San Diego, California. Aside from all that, she is also passionate about organizing music festivals.

posted by Mira
December 2020