posted by Mira
February 2021

Going back in time almost 10 years, you'll find me in my Soon It Will Be Cold Enough obsession era. That's not exactly when it came out, being Emancipator's first album, but I was a philosophy student back then and that one kept me company for many sleepless nights of reading. Also, when somebody asked me for music recommendations - that was always among the first ones on my list. So, when I saw the cover of Dab Records Volume 1 it just reminded me a lot of the forest from Soon It Will Be Cold Enough cover. The image of those trees immediately give me the well-known feeling of lo-fi jazzy relaxation and now, with the freshly released Loci Records' selection, sound-wise there is a nice twist as well.

Dab Records was created from the friendship of Doug Appling (a.k.a the producer Emancipator) and Asher Fulero (session/touring keyboardist and multi-genre composer/producer). During some early-2016 idea sessions for new Emancipator music, the pair discovered a workflow in the studio that carried its own identity, and decided to curate a new project around it. Over the course of the next four years between other albums and tours, Appling and Fulero recorded dozens of ideas in the studio, blending vinyl samples with drum breaks and original recordings. Aaand the result is ...

Loci Records · Dab Records Volume One

...twenty-six delightful instrumental vignettes with layers of vintage keyboards, jazzy samples, minimal beats and abstract synths. Adding just a pinch of vinyl scratching in the right places of this magical, nearly hypnotic story and you got yourself the prefect soundtrack for a journey, a great mountain view or some quality stay-at-home time.

I'd lie if I say that I don't fancy some of the tracks more than others. I'll quote three of the titles, not only because combined they sound like a weird but probably delicious breakfast, but because I'd like it a lot if I am to start my day with their melodies. So, the opening "Sunny Side Up", then "Pineapple" and "Blueberry Meringue" - they just bring this uplifting tickle. If you don't feel like putting those three on a plate, maybe try with hitting the play button.

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