Gelka's latest release "Daydreamers" beautifully unifies what I love about downtempo and chillwave in a manner that induces a sense of nostalgia.

Hungarian artist Gelka is known for tastefully adding ambient, slow house, trip-hop, and neoclassical influences to form a distinguished form of chillout music. It didn't come as a surprise to learn that he has been a Cafe del Mar artist since 2003 especially since "Daydreamers" feels like it belongs there. The smooth keys are complemented by immersive airy pads during the chorus, and the presence of the bright strings elegantly brings the track to life. This is perfect for when you're looking to close your eyes and drift into relaxation.

"Faunabeats is a collaboration of Gelka, Marcel and Forteba. Their latest sonic gem "Daydreamers" is featured on Gelka's upcoming solo studio album "Connection". The track captures the serene beauty of a suburban morning, where the world is bathed in the soft glow of the rising sun when life seems perfect."

posted by Lu
December 2023