If only Kanye had been more influenced by Jimi Hendrix. Alas, leave it up to Berlin-based classic rock, blues, and soul element Gene Caberra Band to carry the vintage sounds we crave into the modern era.

Known for his Youtube tutorials on guitar licks and music styles, guitarist and vocalist Gene Caberra recruited drummer Mathias Uredat and bassist René Flächsenhaar resulting in their debut EP Attic Tape. This one is is a blast from the past displaying their unique spin on the classics from sultry and soulful to the driven and dynamic. "Gold Digger" brings it uptempo revealing their raw guitar licks, invigorating grooves, and clean vocals.

Discover what Gene Caberra Band's about in their EP Attic Tape out now on Berlin-based label Black Bird Music:

posted by Mike
March 2019