I think George Fitzgerald needs no introduction. The prolific UK producer is one of the most innovate people in the downtempo/ambient/house scene alongside artists like Bonobo and Four Tet.

Today we pay homage to his 2018 track "Passing Trains" which was part of his latest album All That Must Be. Credit, besides George, goes to Seeking Stars and his beautiful rendition of the original.

Born and raised in rural New Jersey in 2001, Seeking Stars is a US-based electronic music producer who reaches out to a variety of styles while still retaining his atmospheric film-born sound.

I believe that the sound of being inside of a train or hearing trains pass by is similar to how time passes by when you can enjoy every nanosecond of it, without worry of past or future. This is my version of "Passing Trains" by George Fitzgerald. Enjoy!

posted by Ivo
March 2019