Whatever you say about Georgia Anne Muldrow - it won't be enough. The amazing musician keeps a whole music universe in her pocket and you better have the time to explore it, cause it's definitely worth it. You might have seen that she is part of the article we recently published Women in Music: 10 Female R&B/Neo-Soul Singers Who Write And Produce Their Music and I'm glad to feature some more of her fantastic music here on the website.

This is the first track - produced, written and performed by herself. "Ez Duz It " is a gorgeous soulful tune with a playful character. The track is part of Georgia's 2011 album Owed To Mama Rickie - a tribute to her mother and music and arts director for the world-renowned Agape International Center in Culver City, California, Rickie Byars Beckwith. With this album she returns to her roots on thirteen tracks of bass-heavy, downlow funk with snapping drums and a subtle infusion of psychedelic warmth.

posted by Nora
October 2021