There's nothing but absolutely and utterly beautiful chill ahead this weekend. Kicking off the good vibes with the premiere of one the most lovely beats and smooth hip hop flows out there.

"Take It Slow" is third single release from Ghostnaut's collaborative album with Raw Collective, From Montréal to Welly. The track focuses on the importance of slowing down the pace in life. We are often busy with all the entertainment around us so the message is about taking the time and get some comfort in the simple things of life. If you love jazz music and zen / feel good vibes, then you'll fall in love from the very first chord... and that's even before you start riding the hip hop flow wave. Smooth af.

The Canadian producer and multi-instrumentalist (piano, drums, you name it) draws inspiration from the golden age of hip hop, soul, funk and jazz music - something very vivid in From Montréal to Welly. This whole release happened after Ghostnaut spent 8 months working in New-Zealand where he joined the band Raw Collective as a keyboard player. Connecting with like-minded people always results in creative greatness just like this whole record.

posted by Ivo
September 2018