I don't know if afternoon r&b is a thing but this sounds like it to me.

In the past week or so I've been stumbling across amazing cross-genre songs from UK artists and Giorgia-May joins the party with her latest single "Two Feet". Created together with producer Skyline Sun (whom you might remember from her previous song "Focus") & Berlin MC Sorvina, the song has the most mesmerizing 90s-r&b guitars, summery, almost dub-like percussion groove, and vocals floating effortlessly like they are on the most still ocean waters.

Aside from the honey verses, the chorus has emotively processed backvocals & subtle electric guitars that get straight into your heart. And when Sorvina's verse comes in, your jaw drops - you hadn't imagined there could be something more that could make this more perfect.

Giorgia shared on her Instagram that the song is "about following ur dreams & navigating the complexities of the music industry" - and if you've also been mesmerized, like me, go ahead & play this gem on repeat.

posted by Nasko
last month