Back in May, I wrote a post on Oxford based four-piece Glass Animals and their weirdly hypnotic single 'Black Mambo'. Eerily captivating, the bands experimental sound was strangely intoxicating, leaving me hungry for more. A few months on, the band have obliged with an equally quirky new single 'Psylla', a strange title that Wikipedia assures me refers to a sap-sucking insect; it's safe to say already that this is no usual, middle-of-the-road single.

Released via. Paul Epworth's new label Wolf Tone, 'Psylla' is a spacey proposition, that's slick electronic intricacies and soulful vocal harmonies squirm psychedelically below Dave Barley's spellbinding vocals. Glass Animals' music might take a little while to get used to, however once you're immersed in its web, it's hard to break free.

posted by Staff
September 2013