This is what looking to another dimension from your own comfortable couch at home sounds like. And "Dr. Disclosure" is only part of the puzzle called Twelve Chapters that reached our ears just last Friday.

The horns from Soul Food Horns do not kick here but rather open the door gently inviting us to a fancy party with their friends Glimlip and Søren Søstrom. The jazzy state of the running piano pulls us even closer to this warm composition. Glimlip shares:

It was our vision to blend Jazz and Electronica fueled from a Hip-Hop background. This project merges the worlds of live music and computer programmed music.

It is decorated by 13 tracks and is an absolute bliss that cuddles our ears with "Robes of Silk", "Head High", and "Birds of Rocky Point" too. Aside from Slug, who's featured on "Dr. Disclosure" here (and some more), a few of the songs include another frequent guest to our blog - Yasper.

Check out the whole album down below.

Glimlip · Twelve Chapters
posted by Krisi
September 2022