Those heavy clouds of late spring storms bring such a mood today.

And "Dark Days" by glue70 somehow matches it perfectly.

This is more mellow than his usual tracks and, to me, resembles Tom Misch and Jordan Rakei in a very beautiful way, but at the same time shows a new direction for his music (especially in contrast to his previous house single "What You Want"). glue70 elaborates on this intimate piece:

This track explores the feeling of isolation and sadness which sometimes passes over us, even when we might be around people like our friends and family, and that this feeling is okay as we all have dark days sometimes.

The song is part of the double-single Dark Days (together with "Time Moves Slowly"), out via Majestic Casual Records - both of which to be part of his LP 2070, due later this year.

posted by Nasko
June 2020