Beyond stoked to share with you the new EP with the UK finger-drummer, producer and instrumentalist Gnarly, released on our own label. After her previous EP release with us, with the eponymous track “Blossom” also being featured on Spotify’s lofi beats, the renowned finger drummer & producer Gnarly is taking a new creative direction.

While her previous project was dedicated to Spring, Gnarly’s new EP What We Seek is colored by the melancholic nuances of Autumn. Translating sweet sadness into a beautiful sonic canvas, the four tracks represent the emotional journey of longing for something, receiving/achieving it, and then letting it go.

With its touching melodicism, the third & focus track – “Here For Me”, celebrates in a rather nostalgic way what has already been received or accomplished. It’s a reminder that sometimes what matters more is the marathon itself and not the reward, with a new goal always rising on the horizon.

The British-Sri Lankan artist elaborates:

"What We Seek is a tale of going through the motions. The feelings of wanting something, having it, and letting it go.”

Space out with the soothing atmosphere in this 4-piece EP by Gnarly on your preferred streaming platform here.

posted by Boris
September 2022