Back with another Godblesscomputers delight, fresh out of the oven. Last Friday, Bologna-based Lorenzo Nada dropped his highly anticipated album Faded Views via Jakarta and Ta-Ku's 823 Records.

In this 9-track record, the Italian DJ/producer explores various genres united by the feeling of hazy groove. Each of the songs carries an emotion, perfectly associated with the end of summer - the moments when we hold onto the last moments of sunshine energy before the Fall kicks in.

When you're looking to shake off that feeling of upcoming cold with some lo-fi house ("You Feel Me" and "Burnt") or want to travel the world thanks to the exotic guitar grooves of "Farfalle", you'll find something to fall in love with.

For today's highlight, I chose "Changing" because of its mellow vibe that perfectly matches the sunset I'm watching while writing this.

The album comes with gorgeous-looking vinyl, which comes with no surprise given Jakarta and 823's previous record when it comes to crafting the most captivating products.

Listen to the full Faded Views below.

posted by Ivo
September 2023