everythingeverydayeverything is not just a cool-looking string of letters, but the name of Golden Vessel's upcoming album which he's been working on for over a year!

This week Max's coming back with a new single as a pre-taste of what's ahead of us titled "pockets full of rocks" and featuring fellow notorious Australian acts mallrat & emerson leif.

“pockets full of rocks started as an idea between Grace (Mallrat) and myself. It was sort of a half-idea that didn’t really have a home for a while. Grace and I have a joke that I always take the scraps/half-ideas from our sessions together and turn them into Golden Vessel songs, just like taking the wilted vegetables in the bottom of the fridge and turning them into dinner. That’s how our songs littlebitwild & forever came together as well. I feel I just really like collaging ideas together and Grace always leaves me with the nicest ideas to run with."

posted by Ivo
April 2022