The last time guitarist and vocalist Eric Krasno of Lettuce and Soulive worked with Gramatik was the track "Torture" off of Gramatik's 2014 release The Age of Reason. The two show a chemistry between the soulful vocals of Krasno and Gramatik's hard-hitting production style in the newest single "Recovery".

In Gramatik's 2016 release Epigram, listeners received a medley of styles far beyond the instumental hiphop beats that supported to growth of the Gramatik project. This project has shown significant evolution since the instumental hiphop beats that helped Gramatik gain recognition.  Inside the various sounds Gramatik has put out the past years, "Recovery" signals a promising era for listeners.

Gramatik hits Red Rocks ampitheatre on June 17th, 2017 for his first Re:Coil show along with Mr. Carmack, Ekali, and up-and-coming beatmaker Flamingosis. Re:Coil is the revenge of Gramatik's former coil stage design marking the 100th anniversary of Nikola Tesla's short-lived innovation  -- The Wardenclyffe Tower. Following the Re:Coil US dates, Gramatik pays his European fanbase a visit in the fall. Keep your eyes out for a show near you.

posted by Mike
June 2017