Inside of Gramatik's much anticipated fifth installment of the SB (street bangerz) series, the NYC resident bands together with NYC native and professional musician Adam Deitch. Deitch being known for his role as the drummer for the Lettuce funk band and trip-hop/experimental duo Break Science, he remains a unique variable in SB5.

Especially interesting is that this 10 year anniversary edition of the first Street Bangerz is the first to includes collaborations with the likes of The Geek x VRV , Deitch, and various musicians.

In "Just Imagine", Deitch lays down a groove that puts the "Funk" back in "G-Funk" tag-teamed by gang of 90s era synths. On top of some tasty guitar riffs, this instrumental track is truly a concoction of the organic and the electronic by this duo.

posted by Mike
December 2018