Have you ever heard a song you had to replay 150 times to feel completely satisfied? Yes. "Top Steppa V2" is one of those, and I'm not sorry for sharing my Thursday obsession, dragging you with me.

The track is V2 of the "Top Steppa" song, part of the GREENZONE 108 mixtape by the psychedelic r&b artist Greentea Peng from last year. She and the English DJ and producer George Evelyn a.k.a, Nightmares On Wax, reached an understanding of the iconic British expression of ’90s hip hop & ’70s roots reggae. They added an electronic futuristic twist to it, and "Top Steppa V2" was born, arresting you with its sound from the first listen.

“It was really nice working with Nightmares on Wax, a dear friend of mine and incredible musician to retwist ‘Top Steppa’ and turn it into a completely new track in ‘Top Steppa V2′ – Big Love!”

posted by Krisi
January 2023