I recently came across this upbeat instrumental jam by Minneapolis-based producer Guggenz (pronounced goo-genz), who's been bringing style and innovation to the sound of electro hiphop soul.  This track's definitely going to bring me nicely into the weekend and beyond.

What struck me most about it is the precisely layered instrumentals. The fun, melodic guitar and bass lines combined with those soulful keys did it just right. Once the flute in the chorus kicked in, I was all about it. The rhythm is characterized by passive, yet illin' snare beats and hi-hat work that gives it just the right flow.

This jam is particularly ambient and mellow, too, which I am feeling. However... sometimes I need a track to bring the heat.  Luckily, his last release Pass The Feeling On includes just that. Check it out:

Check out Guggenz on Soundcloud. Share if you're feelin' it, too.
posted by Mike
March 2016