There's something incredibly rewarding when it comes to discovering artists early in their journey. Well, kind of. Meet producer and multi-instrumentalist Halibab Matador and his playful jazzy beat "Skyline".

While this is his second-only release, there's a good chance you know him as the founding member of YellowStraps, one of Belgium's most prominent neo-soul acts these days. Their COLORS performance is absolutely staggering, so if this is the first time hearing them, go check it out.

Now, back to the highlight of the day. "Skyline" features longtime friends and musicians Tim de Fontaine on synthesizer and Jeremy Dumont on Rhodes and will be included on Halibab Matador's upcoming record this year.

“I've always been heavily influenced by hip-hop and jazz, I think it's a combination of styles that goes so well together and can generate so much groove. The artists that inspired me for this kind of beats are artists like J Dilla, Kiefer, Tom Misch, Moonchild, Vooo.”, shares the artist.

I absolutely love the spacious ambiance created by Halibab Matador and the ease engraved throughout the whole composition. This feels like cruising along a long and gorgeous coastline and soaking in all the beauty within. Light and playful.

posted by Ivo
March 2023