I have definitely missed out back when Alex posted about Haux for the first time. This time Woodson Black gives us a teaser of his debut EP which is set to release in July and that sure teased me well. So excited to hear the whole thing now! Haux definitely deserves more attention.

"Seaside" is one of those tracks that you can't get enough of. It's atmospheric and slightly dramatic, and in general it's my favourite mix of electronica and hints of indie folk. Light percussion and smooth vocals make the track very gentle and emotional. This is your perfect late night listen, when you don't want to be disturbed.

"It seems so rare that we're actually able to act on our impulses in the moments we feel them and do things that end up surprising ourselves. I think I wrote ‘Seaside' as a reminder to myself that sometimes the best way forward is to not look back."

posted by Anna
June 2016