It's been a little quiet on Hayden's side and I was hoping that this quiet will bring some new music. I'm very happy I was right!

"Collision" is taken from the upcoming EP Dirt due in July. The song has all things Calnin to it - layered haunting vocals, beautiful production and some sort of serenity. The track is not very rich in production, which helps you focus on the lyrics and message behind it - and it's beautiful.

"Collision' is maybe one of the hardest songs I've ever had to write. I wrote it in secret, not really showing anyone until I was comfortable with how it was sounding. It was never meant to be a song with all the hooks and all the standard rules in song structure that you're meant to follow. I avoided that and just let it come out naturally. 'Collision' is an expression about a really dark time for a friend of mine. And, like my previous single, ’Waves’,  following that exploration of mental health in young adults."

I've been a massive supporter of everything this guy does, so it warms my heart to see how his talent is evolving . Check the tune out!

posted by Anna
July 2017