Sliding into the evening & the weekend is a lot easier if you've got the right soundtrack.

Welcoming Korean producer & guitarist Hayne and his Night Shift EP, out via our friends at Retro Jungle. He explains why he chose the title, "The nighttime often brings me a sense of introspection and emotional depth. I find that my feelings and thoughts are more profound during the quiet hours, leading to more emotionally charged and evocative compositions." 

The title track is really soothing, soft & with amazing guitars, making this the ultimate chill pill if you're seeking some mindful getaway, especially in the dark hours. "I’ve compiled the emotions from countless nights spent alone into six cohesive expressions," he continues. "Each track evokes a wistful and nostalgic atmosphere like city lights and the night breeze, capturing the essence of those nocturnal moments."

Treat yourself to the full project - close your eyes and lay comfortably, as you're about to immerse yourself into a parallel universe woven from tranquility.

posted by Nasko
January 2024