I'm still hooked on "Relight" for half a year now - Hemai's unique & diverse style is really something.

"Awake Indigo" here marks the release of his debut album Strange Beauty, out via our friends at Tru Thoughts. An absolutely mesmerising fusion of jazz, neo-soul & electronica, featuring the gorgeous vocals by Ruby Wood - the vocalist of Submotion Orchestra. The track highlights the warmth of the LP and is inspired by the imagery of a beautiful sky which you can almost "see". Hemai shares:

When I’m creating, it’s just the expressive colours I gravitate towards… Yellows, oranges, purples, greens and similar shades. I’m an avid believer in emotive expression over logical expression. Feel over theory. It has a heart of its own.

Make sure to check the album in full below:

posted by Nasko
May 2021