Excited to reveal another step of Heptagram's 12-years long sonic journey. At midnight, the Bulgarian space rock / psychedelic band released the opening track and first single from their upcoming 4th album.

"Shaman's Dance" is a nocturnal indie rock wave of sounds that will send you on a captivating psychedelic mind trip. The album opener reminds me of Khruangbin and Dengue Fever, but channeled through the prism of Daniel Ivanov - band's founder and leader.

For the recording of the single, Daniel has not only written and recorded all instruments and voices, but has also taken on all production duties from start to finish. All from his small bedroom overlooking the beautiful Vitosha mountain on the outskirts of Sofia. It doesn't get more DIY than this.

The successor of band's 2018 Glass Elevators is scheduled for later this fall and as you can imagine we will be paying close attention to what's next.

Currently, Heptagram performs live as a 5 piece band, with a pauseless setlist that includes tracks from the three independently released albums, ambient interludes and live jams. The live band also features collaborations with prominent members of the Bulgarian underground music scene. 

posted by Ivo
April 2020