Indie folk is far from my main genre as a listener, but I do appreciate when a raw and emotive track falls on my lap ears.

That's what happened with Spoon and the Forkestra's "Karma 8" - the focus track of their debut EP which dropped last Friday. Spoon and the Forkestra became a reality when singer-songwriter Emily-Mae Lewis and bassist Timo Zell met in 2017. Since then they've released a number of songs leading to their debut The Fondest Flinch which we're experiencing today.

The German duo blends elements stemming from psychedelic melancholy, a slight feeling of punk's freedom and the sensuality of jazz and soul. A multi-faceted sound, to say the least. In just a little over than 3 minutes they pack a <>.

I had the pleasure of exploring all tracks from the EP (including the phone recording at the end). Let me tell you, this collection covers a wide array of human emotions and it definitely reminds me of a soundtrack to a coming-of-age movie, which I appreciate quite a lot.

posted by Ivo
January 2022