In the serene embrace of the night, Istanbul-based producer Hevi introduces us to the calmness of his new sleepy lo-fi Two Night Birds EP - a 6-track collection that unfolds like a delicate journey through the stillness. Released under the Stereofox label, his EP captures the essence of calm with its dreamy atmosphere and nocturnal allure.

The EP's opening piece & focus track "Family" is a poignant exploration of nostalgia and melancholy and serves as a thematic anchor for the entire project, encapsulating its sentiment with grace. Hevi's artistry is immediately apparent in the beautifully crafted cinematic keys, airy pads, and gentle lo-fi beats that weave together to create a sonic tapestry.

Hope it brings you chill and make sure to listen to the entire EP on your preferred streaming platform here.

posted by Boris
November 2023