Time for some deep introspection.

"Looking Back" expresses a lot of emotional energy, specifically a strong reminiscent feeling. Personally, it makes me think of memories that I'm very fond of, times that I miss dearly.

The subtleties of the instrumentation really make the message come across beautifully, all performed with such tenderness and intricacy. The mixing complements all aspects of the song, letting each element breathe and stand out in its own right. I'm also a big fan of the atmospheric elements, especially the guitar harmonics; they truly enhance the mood of the song and takes it further.

I'm excited for Turkey-based producer Hevi since it's his first time being shared here on the blog, and Mondo Loops has been a reoccurring name on the site for quite a while now as some of you might already know.

This track was released on Hevi's album released on Lofi Girl Records titled Before It's Late Pt. 2, and it features many great artists.

You can listen to the rest of the album on Spotify here!

posted by Axian
February 2022