Let's dive into the mesmerizing world of Joe Acheson, the genius behind Hidden Orchestra, as he teases us with his latest single, "Scatter." The track serves as the 3rd single and a tantalizing appetizer for Hidden Orchestra's upcoming album, To Dream Is To Forget set to be released on September 22nd, via his own Lone Figures label.

Acheson is a master at weaving intricate soundscapes that transport us to uncharted musical realms, and "Scatter" is no exception. It's a genre-blending journey that flirts with elements of hip-hop, breaks, jazz, modern classical, and electronica. The song confidently marches forward, led by a commanding bassline and a percussion section that keeps us grooving. Alongside this, a haunting piano melody dances with the bass, while subtle sound manipulations add layers to the experience. The track takes an intriguing detour into an ominous breakdown before culminating in an energetic and impactful climax.

“‘Scatter’ started as a drum arrangement, to which I added excerpts from a recording of George Gillespie playing the fujara - an overblown flute (without finger holes) from Slovakia. The slowed-down zither chords at the start of the piece were originally made for an installation with regular collaborators Limbic Cinema.”, shares the producer

posted by Boris
August 2023