I feel the need of some guitars in my life, so switched to the indie waves of discovering tunes. Then this Aussie leisure delight came along the way and things immediately felt right.

Hockey Dad's tune "Seaweed" (off their debut EP Dreamin') is the perfect surf rock soundtrack of those summer feelings which basically push you down the do-nothing-and-chill line. The duo has been around 2013, but actually that's the first time I heard about them. Sad truth, but at least it's fixed. Plus, I'm not really surprised how awesome their sound is - the indie / surf rock scene in Australia is unbeatable!

I guess I found this track just on time - their full length debut album Boronia is scheduled for 12th of August. Guess what I'll be listening after I get tired of abusing the repeat on "Seaweed"?

posted by Ivo
August 2016