Good old Hollow Coves, you just can never go wrong with them. If you need to feel a music equivalent of a very gentle hug, then this tune will be right up your alley. Aussie duo dropped a new EP last week and "Blessings" is one of the tracks where they really just try to spread some love and gratitude. The majority of the EP was written during the year of lockdown and just explores all the emotions we have experienced collectively. "Blessings" is a breath of fresh air and a reminder to be grateful for even the smallest things.

“'Blessings' is a song of gratitude. It’s about recognizing the little blessings that life has to offer. If we don’t take a moment to acknowledge them, we can often miss them. Practicing gratitude is known to be good for mental health, yet anxiety and depression seem to be more and more prevalent in our generation. I think we are just too distracted to stop and take time to practice gratitude. We hope this song helps people realize that there are blessings all around if you just look up and take the time to think about how much we have to be grateful for."

posted by Anna
June 2021