Hot Chip released new single "Dark & Stormy" and this is a very pleasant surprise. We haven't heard from them since last year's In Our Heads and I'm happy that even though the guys have a bunch of solo projects running they still don't forget about Hot Chip. Unfortunately, this track is not going to be a part of anything else but a single. The single's B side is a new version of "Look At Where We Are" the Japanese folk-psych collective Maher Shalal Hash Baz who have revocalled the track in their native tongue.  In addition remixes by Major Lazer, Sasha, Daphni and Todd Terje will be included. And this is definitely better than nothing.

Even though the tune is very uplifting, it is still somewhat darker than what one can expect from the guys. No matter how you feel about it, it is still very classic danceable Hot Chip with their distinct synths. And yes, please, sing a song for me when I'm feeling dark and stormy.

posted by Anna
June 2013