Houis' (pronounced “weece”) newest body of work Outgrown serves as a testament to musical exploration by virtue of the range of sounds we're welcomed to.

This French-American producer based in NYC is influenced by artists such as Bonobo and Tom Misch, and we can certainly hear the latter on the track "Baby's Breath". This is one of the brightest gems from his sonic treasury as it beautifully opens the project and sets the scene for what's to come. The cries of the sax in the background supply a soulful charm to the track, and this is complimented by the soft presence of glittery keys.

"I personally love lofi music, which is often how my stuff is categorized, but I think finding a unique sound within that genre can definitely be challenging- especially considering how popular it is nowadays. It’s all trial and error, but I definitely feel that this album release has put me a few steps closer to establishing my sound and brand", shares Houis.

You can find the full project below:

Houis · Outgrown
posted by Lu
August 2023