Influenced by artists such as Joe Hertz, Cabu, and FKJ, the French-American producer Houis has a unique style of intimate r&b chillout that is stripped of all the clutter, but big on emotion. His latest collaboration with De Rien on "Familiar" is the clearest and most honest proof.

Alluding to struggles when dealing with OCD and how it can affect relationships with others, the track provides a powerful message in an upbeat and groovy sonic package. Defined between sounds from various genres such as neo-soul, bouncy electronica, hip-hop and indie r&b, the hook of "Familiar" is an instant ear-worm! De Rien's spacey vocals swim in a sea of subtle yet lush-sounding reverb effects, while the lyrics touch your soul. He elaborates on the writing process itself:

"While writing the lyrics, I noticed that they lacked a clear message and theme. So, for the first time, I actually collaborated on lyrics. Gabriel (a.k.a Houis) had a strong, personal story to tell and together we managed to tell that story while maintaining the overall vibe and melody that I had crafted before."

posted by Chris
June 2021