It's like time stood still today - it's mid-summer & extremely hot.

Houis' new tune "Say Enough", featuring NYC alt-pop duo Couch Prints, is a very fitting soundtrack to the occasion, with its hazy vibe, blending captivating drums & synths and airy vocals.

He elaborates, "The instrumentation was definitely the most experimental song on the album. It has a pop-like arrangement while using a 3/4 beat (inspired by some Bonobo songs I’ve been listening to lately). The FX, fluttering synths, and vocal chops were also inspired by Mount Kimbie’s live rendition of “Before I Move Off” on KEXP (one of my favorite songs for the past decade). Overall, I wanted “Say Enough” to be a blend between electronic and chillhop music."

With distinctive melancholy in both the lyrics and the melodies, the song tells the story of a breakup. Couch Prints explain, "At its core, "Say Enough" is a song about feeling empty. For us, some of the worst moments in life have not been about sadness, but about pure apathy."

This is part of Houis' upcoming album on Lekker Collective.

posted by Nasko
July 2023